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Our company

 Nanjing Ruifute Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. is an enterprise specialized in the research, development, production and sales of solar energy transportation facilities. Its main products are solar warning lights, solar strobe lights, solar yellow flashing lights, solar guide lamps, and solar energy traffic signs. Brand, solar protection column caps and so on.

The company has strong design and development capabilities, advanced and complete production capabilities, can provide customers with integrated solutions, customized products based on customer demand, product quality and after-sales service in the peer in an advanced level.
The company has more than 200 dealers and sales network all over the country. The products have been widely used in construction, road construction, traffic, firefighting, exploration and other fields. It has cooperated with a number of transportation facilities, construction and construction machinery companies.
We are committed to providing customers with leading products, advanced technology, perfect solutions, and high-quality services, constantly blaze new trails, and provide customers with cost-effective products and a full range of after-sales service network to work together with customers to create a better future !
In order to further increase the strength of online marketing, the company uses Taobao and Alibaba platform sales company products, if you need to understand the company's product detailed price information, respectively, in Taobao and Alibaba search for "Rifute".